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Welcome to Bud Cans!

A New Way to Buy Weed Online

No more bunk weed, we got those quads with that resinous smoke. We carry the biggest variety of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains for any mood to find that perfect high. Buy weed online knowing its quality, we got your back. Whether you’re looking for itty bitty 1/8ths of multiple flavours or big bulk weed by the ounces, Bud Cans has the exact answer for you, all at the best prices nationwide.

We’d say we price match for you but honestly, who has time for that? It takes away from us sourcing you the most premium marijuana strains at the cheapest costs. Just trust us on this one, honey.


Rated 4 out of 5

This strain delivers a great mix of CBD and more overpowering THC. The hybrid offers a crazy nice body-high, perfect for anxiety and stress-relief. Somewhat received fixtures of energy and creativity but decided to stay glued to my bed. Regardless, the first purchase from Bud Cans was very successful.

– Purchased Pineapple Chunk


Rated 4 out of 5

A very good strain, it takes a little bit to hit and creeps up on you. Once it hits, be prepared for maximum relaxation with happy effects. The flower tasted and looked amazing, little dense light green buds. Tasted very citrus-like with a hint of pepper which made for a great smoke. Buying in bulk is recommended BTW!

– Purchased Wedding Cake


Rated 4 out of 5

One of the best parts of this rare strain is the uplifting mood swing, after a few puffs i find myself in a happy relaxation heaven. I had heard of Blackberry Platinum before and luckily came across it here, bought in bulk to share with the homies and wifey.

– Purchased Blackberry Platinum


Rated 5 out of 5

I really enjoy this one for night time. Super relaxing strain, has a chill taste too and it’s definitely one of my favourite right now. I’ll pick some up again soon.

– Purchased Violator Kush

The Best Weed in Canada

Why Should You Shop at Bud Cans?

Buy your weed online from a company that grows all its products on Canadian soil, and get it delivered to your door in less than 4 days. You’ll be smokin’ that dope fire in no time. Can’t make up your mind on which strain? Try our Bud Can Samplers!

Bud Cans Weed Canada Wide Shipping

The Original Bud Cans

We’ve Got Top-Notch Customer Service

Aside from the variety and quality of the cannabis products we sell, customer service is also a top priority of ours. Seeing positive feedback on our products and services lets us know that we have a good job on your orders. While good bud and flavours are the two things we’re known for, we also ensure our customers are treated to the best of our ability. If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding our products, please feel free to contact our Customer Success Specialist! We’re always happy to help.

The Original Bud Cans

You’ll Get Discreet & Fast Shipping Across Canada

Getting orders to your doorstep is one of the final parts of the Bud Cans experience, but we don’t just treat it like the end of a chapter. Speedy, reliable and discreet shipping goes without saying with our same-day shipping and Xpresspost delivery. We ensure super quick delivery, trustworthy transportation, and discreet unlabeled packaging. You can remain confident in receiving your Bud Cans products quickly and safely. All orders placed over $149+ will also receive complimentary free shipping!