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The weather is getting warming, cherry blossoms are blooming, yet none of us are allowed to go outside for extended periods of time to enjoy the beautiful weather. Unfortunately for some and exciting news for others, this means we get to spend more time indoors to enjoy seldom activities. Of the many indoor activities we can pursue, the hobby of enjoying cannabis is amongst the top 5 of many people’s lists.

Below is a list of the top 4 strains you’ve got to try this Spring 2020. Our product specialists have handpicked this list, with value for money in mind and also the quality during this time of the year.

God’s Green Hulk

For our first strain, God’s Green Hulk has been one of the sleeper popular strains for a minute since the start of 2020. The demand for it increased drastically, and for good reason. This sativa dominant hybrid strain heightens focus for its user and wakens them for any social situation they might find themselves in. Recommended for use in (digital) group settings or while working, this is a well-balanced strain that won’t knock you off your feet but provides a solid enough high.

Sour Blueberry

Blueberry is not only flavour of the month but is seeming to solidify as flavour of the decade thus far. As one of the two blueberry strains on this list, Sour Blueberry has become one of the most sought-after strains of many online dispensaries for its distinct taste and aroma. If you’re a fan of sour strains but don’t want to tread into the lemon side of things, Sour Blueberry is the one for you. As another hybrid sativa strain excellent for daytime use, this strain has been the go-to for many users who are stuck at home bored.

Pineapple Express

This list is seeming like a never-ending collection of sativa strains. Coming in at #3, we have Pineapple Express, a tropical sativa hybrid that expresses itself in waves of hard-hitting buzz over the span of the high. The flavour palette of this strain can be described with tones of pineapple mixed with mango, green apple and pine. However, words have expression limits, and the strain can truly be realized only by experiencing it yourself.

Blueberry Kush

As the final strain on this list, we have another blueberry strain, but one much simpler and more unexciting than the Sour Blueberry. However, don’t let that fool you of how plain and good this strain is. Sometimes at the end of the day, you just want an uncomplex strain to wind down your day. Blueberry Kush is exactly that. Its name is exactly what it offers. With tastes of seriously juicy blueberries and no other gimmicks, this indica-dominant strain is the perfect choice to end a day of staying in at home.

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