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Today, we are proud to present 3 of our highest-rated Hybrid strains to be enjoyed by our beloved customers. Bud Cans’ flowers originate from the most trusted growers and cultivators in Canada so you can shop confidently. It is always enjoyable to experience brand new strain profiles and switch up your terpene taste buds, and these strains will help achieve just that. All of these Hybrids are very potent and memorable, and can lead to a very euphoric experience whether alone or with friends. Let’s get right into the list for 3 of the newest and freshest Hybrid flowers to try from Bud Cans!


Strain #1: White Lightning 


To kick this list off, we have one of the newest BC-bred delicacies at our disposal. White Lightning is an intense Hybrid strain which directs all consumers on a roller coaster of euphoria and sedation. The orange and purple-haired buds will not go unnoticed as they yield a staggering 24% of THC. The smell and taste of this pungent bud remains quite similar, giving out undertones of berries and skunkiness. We recommend enjoying this treat in the evening as you may be lulled to sleep on the side of your couch before you even know it.


Strain #2: Thin Mint Cookies


Thin Mint Cookies is a phenotype of the world famous Girl Scout Cookies, which looks good on the resume of any cannabis strain. Although it is very unique in its own way, this hybrid bud delivers consumers an amazing and memorable experience. The buds of this strain emit hints of mint and taste sweet upon your first toke, making it a user favourite. Thin Mint Cookies provides potent medical relief due to its sleep-inducing properties, as well as pain and nausea relief. To add, recreational connoisseurs appreciate this treat for its cerebral and creative effects.


Strain #3: Four Star General


Bred from parent strains Stardawg and Tres Dawg, the indica-dominant Four Star General is capable of providing consumers with an enjoyable experience in many ways. Beginner cannabis users should remain wary with this strain as tests of Four Star General have resulted from 22% to as high as 30% in THC content. In other words, this flower is potent – really potent, and adored for its medicinal benefits. Don’t shy away though, this bud has received some amazing quality feedback for the short time it has been available. 


All the Flavours You Could Wish For


Here at Bud Cans, our main priorities consist of providing amazing quality and unbeatable value to our guests. If you have shopped from us before, you may know that we are one of the leading online mail-order-dispensaries to buy marijuana from in bulk. We are always researching and introducing new popular strains, we make it easy for you to buy an abundance of quality weed for amazing prices. Hop into Spring 2021 the right way with your favourite Bud Cans!

Bud Cans carries a large and diverse variety of cannabis strains to be enjoyed by all. It is our goal to offer premium products, exceptional customer service, and a speedy hassle-free delivery service. All of our packages are shipped through Canada Post and are discreetly vacuum-sealed. If you have any questions about these strains, or our shipping process, please feel free to contact our Customer Support Team.

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