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Pick your Strains

Start by browsing our selection and choosing the 4 sampler strains you want. Check out each strain’s page to learn more about it.

Step Two

Fill Your Cart

Once you find the sampler strains you want, add them to cart. Remember that each of these strains will be 1/8th of an ounce.

Step Three

Checkout and Enjoy!

After you added the item to the cart, head to checkout and place your order. The sampler discount will be automatically applied!

Only the Best Strains – No Exceptions

Bud Cans happily works with some of Canada’s top growers and cultivators, so you know that what you’re smoking is the real deal. All flowers are handled with care and always tested for taste and quality, guaranteeing you the best possible experience. One can see from browsing our selection of strains that we sell a selection of the most popular strains, and maybe a few lesser known ones just waiting for you to explore. All products listed on our website are of the highest quality and are sourced fresh from farmers nationwide. We do our part on getting you the good stuff so you can focus on your part of enjoying it!

Build Your Bud Cans Sampler

Why Should You Try a Sampler from Bud Cans?

If you’re new to the world of bud, or you seek to smoke every strain possible while looking for the most efficient deal, look no further. Bud Cans Samplers are one of the best ways to purchase weed online, giving you the luxury of having diversity and excitement in what you order. With Bud Can Samplers, you can mix and match four ⅛ oz samplers. 

Include Sativa, Indica, and hybrids of strains in your Bud Can Sampler: as long as you have four different strains, you get the Sampler price! This offer is perfect for marijuana buyers who don’t like buying weed in bulk and large quantities and want to try out a variety of strains to find what they like.

Build Your Bud Cans Sampler

How Are the Quality of these Samplers?

Bud Cans offers the highest quality when it comes to bud, service, and deals. Quality begins with our excellent service and a great selection of strains to pick from. The quality of our Samplers? It could only be understood if you tried them yourself! Whether you crave a hybrid or a straight Sativa, regardless of which strains you add to your Sampler, expect consistency and quality with all aspects of your order.

We have partnered with only the best growers in Canada to help provide unmatchable prices and service to all our customers. Our quality and specialization with cannabis is loved by many consumers in Canada.

Buy Bulk Weed Online in Canada

Gone are the days where customers need to personally send tickets to online dispensaries to purchase large quantities of weed. At Bud Cans, we have this option readily available on our site, and we offer discounts voluntarily. That’s right – you don’t even have to ask!

Putting prices aside, the quality of our weed speaks for itself. Harvested from the most trusted and reputable growers nationwide, Bud Can prides itself in its superior quality over other online dispensaries, and it’s prices cannot be beat.