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Weed Strains In Glass Jars

Maintaining the quality of your weed for the best smoke possible is something that most cannabis lovers aren’t always so attentive about. Overall, marijuana and heat don’t tend to mix very well. When exposed to too much heat, weed will have its cannabinoids and terpenes dried out, worsening its quality. Moisture within warm air can also be considered a threat to the quality of your beloved weed.

With that in mind, just because the weather is heating up doesn’t mean you should stop knocking back joints. In this article, our experienced Bud Cans team will explain 3 effective tips to help keep your cannabis quality top tier, ensuring that when you spark up that bowl of yours, you’re getting the best high possible.

Glass Is Your Number One Friend

Glass jars are always going to be the most reliable and safest choice for marijuana storage. Plastic Ziplocks and baggies come in as a close second but aren’t ideal for long term storage. Also, as reliable as it is putting your weed in a box, it is unfortunately no match for the safety and positives of glass jars. The only times humid oxygen can enter the jar is when it’s being opened and closed. No matter the amount of time you keep your weed within a concealed glass jar, it will come out the same quality as long as you fully close the lid and store it in an appropriate area.

One more major positive of storing weed in a glass jar is that you don’t have to worry about any lingering smell. Some potent strains can reek of skunkiness and earthiness (which is a good thing). Mason/glass jars can be purchased at the majority of supermarkets and dollar stores and come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

Temperature: Make Sure It’s Right

Overall, marijuana will always be best stored in a glass jar located in a cool and covered area. A potential negative of storing marijuana in glass jars is the exposure to light. Light (especially sunlight) is able to damage your weed and potentially worsen your smoke by depriving it of its terpenes and other properties. With that said, a cupboard, drawer, room, cabinet or under your bed are all great locations to keep your sealed cannabis fresh and ready to use. The most ideal temperature for storage purposes would approximately be 0ºC to 20ºC (32ºF to 68ºF).

One more thing: storing weed in a fridge or freezer ruins it! If bud is frozen, it becomes very brittle and loses many of its trichomes, giving you much weaker smoke and potency.

Sizing and Organization

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to marijuana storage is to never keep different strains in the same jar or box. It is key to keep your strains separate from one another for a few reasons.

Firstly, their individual flavour profiles are important and unique in their own ways. Mixing marijuana can change the outcome of a high, whether that’s for better or for worse.

Another aspect to consider when plotting your storage technique is sizing and the amount of cannabis you have. Before purchasing a mason jar or whatever you wish to use as storage, think of how much weed you will be purchasing, how much you will be smoking, and then match that with a jar size.

Both organization and preparation when it comes to marijuana storage are equally important and being lazy with your weed can lead to ruined or spoiled kush. Our Bud Cans experts are proud to offer our customers with the highest quality strains all year round. If you have any questions about weed storage or generic inquiries about our products, feel free to contact our Customer Support Specialists. We’re always happy to help!

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