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This tasty banger of a strain has been heralded by cannabis enthusiasts across Canada for a minute. Since its spike in popularity, many cannabis producers, mail order marijuana online dispensaries, as well as brick and mortar dispensaries have been adding the strain to their catalogues. However, the supply has never been too ample, and with this sudden increase in the strain’s demand, many shoppers have reported receiving less-than-ideal quality Platinum GSC from dealers left and right.

We’ve seen it all, suppliers claiming to sell AAA Platinum Girl Scout Cookies but instead mixing what little supply they have with Basic Kush to “pad” up their supply, all that good stuff. As a shopper, you want to be aware of these potential gimmicks dispensaries can employ to get more money out of you while underdelivering on the promised product. It is crucial to trust the source you purchase the strains from, regardless how much cheaper and convenient alternate, less known sources can be.

Below are a few tips of buying Platinum Girl Scout Cookies online in Canada:

  1. Always shop the dealer, not the price
    As tempting as cheap weed can be, sometimes it really just isn’t worth the few bucks to find out what you ordered was not AAA but shake instead. Take the time, do the research for the dealer you can trust, then stick with them even if you end up stumbling across cheaper alternatives. Plus, if you’ve shopped with the same dealer enough times, you’ll likely receive discounts that will only get better!
  2. Ask around for reviews and opinions
    If you’re just starting out in the hobby of cannabis and are working on finding that one online mail order marijuana dispensary you can trust, it’s always useful to look around for opinions online for the best sources for specific strains. Reddit is a great place to as for advice as well as other forums such as CanadianMOM and Leafly discussions. Usually, bigger dispensaries who have been around longer has stood the test of time and offer better quality product and service.
  3. Send a message to the customer support before placing the order
    This is a great hack for finding out the level of communication you should expect during the ordering process and post-order. Send the customer support a message about a product, a strain, or a part of their service just before placing your order. Evaluate their reply (if any), and work from there. If they’re cold and unwilling to respond, you can expect similar attitudes when you actually place your order. Stick with the ones who are friendly and there for your questions regardless of how much money you’ve spent with them!

With that said, at Bud Cans we offer our own Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, available in 1 ounce and half ounce sizes. If you are looking for more than just a taster, definitely check out our shop!

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