The Best Canadian Edibles On The Market

Take a bite out of these delicious gummies! One after another, Bud Cans provides its dearest customers with top notch supply of safe, clean, quality cannabis infused products at great values. At Bud Cans, we believe every Canadian looking for marijuana edibles shouldn’t have to experience any hassle obtaining it. We make it easy for you to buy premium weed edibles and THC gummies online. Best part is, our products ship nationwide, no matter where in Canada you’re from.

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Good Advice For Beginners: Start Low, Go Slow

While edibles are oftentimes a tasty and effective method of cannabis use, users should to mind their limits, especially beginners. Unlike inhaling cannabis, which delivers almost instantaneous effects, edibles require more time as they must be fully digested. Edible effects can take up to 1 to 3 hours to fully kick in after consumption, which makes it very easy to unknowingly eat too much in one sitting. For novice cannabis consumers, our Bud Cans team recommends taking a 10mg THC first, then waiting 30 minutes before taking more.

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How Our Bud Cans Edibles Can Benefit You

Cannabis edibles have been proven to benefit many medical conditions such as relieving chronic pain, muscle inflammation, insomnia, and nausea. Edibles can have a much stronger euphoric effect – this is because the liver transforms the cannabinoid THC into the more potent 11-hydroxy-THC. Enjoying cannabis in the form of edibles also has a longer-lasting effect than smoking it, meaning you don’t need to continuously dose throughout the day.

How To Pick Your Favourite Canadian Edibles

With an array of delicious candies and treats to pick from, which edible products are best for you? Well, for novice consumers, we recommend selecting an edible with minimal THC that looks appetizing. For more experienced ussers, or consumers where THC percentage doesn’t matter, just pick out your favourite candy and throw it in your cart. Bud Cans carries a variety of premiere Canadian edibles for all users.