The Best Canadian Pre-Rolls On The Market

Quick, convenient, and consistent is the name of the game with pre-rolls, and our dedicated team at Bud Cans make sure to only pick the highest quality pre-rolled cannabis joints on the Canadian market. When Canadians are shopping for their pre-rolls online, we believe the shopping experience should be direct and transparent. As the customer, you should know what your pre-rolls contain and where they come from, with no room left for guesswork. At Bud Cans, we make sure that those questions are answered in full, so you can feel 100% confidence when you’re shopping for Canadian pre-rolls online.

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Keeping Things Simple And Delicious

Taste all killer, no filler with any of our Bud Cans pre-rolls. Many people love the classic act of sparking and smoking a good old fashioned joint, but let’s be honest; rolling them perfectly doesn’t always work out, let alone the time it takes to roll handfuls. Besides that, sometimes people just don’t have enough bulk bud on hand to roll themselves as many pre-rolls as they like. Thankfully, that’s where Bud Cans comes in. Our Canadian pre-rolls come packed with the best bud from the West Coast, and are as simple to use as they are to buy online!

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Serious Bang For Your Buck

You might be shopping around when you’re buying your pre-rolls online, and if you are you’ll probably notice one thing about all else: there are huge price differences between brands as well as dispensaries in general. You’ll see a massive gap in quality as well, from shoddy pre-rolls that you can tell were handled without care, to immaculately packed, parsed, and presented packages of pre-rolled glory. You can probably tell when you’re browsing our selection of Canadian pre-rolls, but we only carry the latter category. We believe that if you’re buying pre-rolls online instead of rolling them for yourself, you should be purchasing a product that you truly can’t craft on your own, packaging and all. That’s why with Bud Cans pre-rolls, you get some serious bang for you buck!

How To Pick Your Favourite Canadian Pre-Rolls

If we’re being honest, this one is pretty simple: find the best price, matched with the best quality. And to make it even easier, we only carry products that we think match that description! Any one of our pre-rolls are a great value, and are sure to get you where you need to go. So grab a pack, sit back, spark up, and drift off!