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Kush Bomb is an evenly created Hybrid with an explosion of citrus and diesel undertones, luring all it’s consumers into a body high full of euphoria. It’s near impossible to miss the glowing crystals spread all over this strain, helping make up for the strong 20-25% THC percentage. Medicinal users and recreational fans will both find something to enjoy about Kush Bomb. Add an 1/8th to your Bud Cans sampler pack today.

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Crafted from crossing OG Kush and and Big Bomb, the breeders of Bomb Seeds created a powerful Hybrid that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Kush Bomb is a powerful force of euphoria and pure relaxation, easily capable of casting an enjoyable head high over it’s consumers. Upon first glance, dark leaves, long amber hairs and a resinous exterior are the most notable aspects. The Kush Bomb high will hit you quickly and leave you with a deep and relaxing body stone.

Kush Bomb

Kush Bomb: An Explosion Of A Strain

Kush Bomb is an explosive Hybrid strain which our Bud Cans team has looked everywhere to finally find and source. This treat was made from crossing OG Kush and Big Bomb, creating a potent and pungent flower that can be enjoyed any time of the day. This marijuana strain is a blast of euphoria and pure relaxation and is capable of casting an enjoyable head high over anyone. The high will hit you quickly with this one and leave you with a deep and relaxing body stone.

Kush Bomb

The Best Sativa, Hybrid And Indica Strains In Canada

If you are new to the growing world of cannabis, here is a quick guide of the nature of strains. A cannabis strain can be one of two, or a mixture of both. These categories are Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. Bud Cans offers premium quality cannabis from each of these categories, all directly from the best growers in Canada. We like to give our beloved customers flexibility and many options when it comes to weed shopping. With that said, you should consider trying our Bud Cans Sampler Pack where you can try 4 strains for the low!

The Best Bud Strains, All In One Place

No longer do online cannabis shoppers have to check from site to site to find marijuana strains they want. All the empty promises of a site carrying a certain strain just to find that it has been sold out has now become a worry of the past. At Bud Cans, we guarantee to always provide the most popular and potent strains to our customers, and to always keep them in stock unless unforeseen circumstances arise (ie. a zombie apocalypse). If you’re looking for the best mail order marijuana online dispensary in Canada, look no further than Bud Cans.

2 reviews for Kush Bomb

  1. Sara m

    Such a great addition in my sampler! Really strong high. excellent for after a long day at work . smoke some of this and you’re in the perfect mood . taste and smell are perfect as well. Very powerful!

  2. Jessiestew

    Nice intensity followed by a creeping wave that hits afterwards. Good smooth flavor and not offensive, was able to study with it and not feel like a dumbass. Also tried 30 Pinks, Chemo and Crown Royale in my sampler and all were amazing. Thank you from a happy customer!

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