Pink Island Rockstar


Pink Island Rockstar is an incredibly unique Hybrid cross, layering together the popular Pink Kush, Island Kush, and Rockstar strains. This Indica-dominant Hybrid brings together the best parts from all of these strains, and leaves you uplifted and euphoric without completely sedating you and gluing you to the nearest couch. A joint of this strain is all you’ll need to jump start any afternoon or evening.

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Pink Island Rockstar

Buy Pink Island Rockstar Online in Canada

Are you looking to go on a vacation? Why not take a trip to Pink Island Rockstar, and throw your worries away for the day. This strain not only boasts a delicious flavour but harnesses the best parts of each parent strain to leave you with a perfect balance between relaxed and energized. You’ll feel creative and ready to enjoy your day, while also not carrying any stress with you while you do it. This strain is also a great choice for those looking to medicate anything from chronic pain, anxiety and depression, to gastrointestinal problems, and bipolar issues.

Pink Island Rockstar

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