Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

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Bursting with flavours of berries and candies, this hybrid strain is widely known for its taste and is loved by many enthusiasts worldwide. Combining delicate sweetness with fruity spiciness, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is surely one to try if you want to experience flavour like never before.

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Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is widely renowned for its potent, mood elevating euphoria and the deep relaxation it offers. The smell of the strain is a pungent aroma, a sophisticated blend of earthy spiciness with hints of sweetness and sweet fruity undertones. The buds are a vivid sage green colour and are heavily coated with rich crystal trichomes. These generously frosted sage green nuggets also feature dashes of dark purple tinges, making it a truly beautiful strain, both visually and aromatically.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

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Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

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Girl Scout Cookies Knocking at Your Door

“Hello this is Bud Cans and we’re wondering if we can interest you in some Platinum Girl Scout Cookies?”. Just like your average doorbell-buzzing scenario, when you purchase Platinum Girl Scout cookies from us, we hand deliver it to your front door with the help of Canada Xpress Post in a matter of a few days. The best part is, our shipping process is discreet; regardless of the size of the order, we never mark our envelopes with anything that would reveal its contents. All orders are also vacuum sealed, so there won’t be any trace of smell either. Nobody will know the content except for you!

1 review for Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

  1. KidPokerSmoker

    This is my first try with this strain, and HOLY SH*T I’m fried. I’m a medical marijuana patient, and I’ve smoked good bud. This stuff is amazing!!! I’m baked from 4 bong hits. If you plan on trying this delicacy, buy in BULK people!!! WOW!

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