Sour Blueberry


Sour Blueberry is one of the best bud strains for daytime use when hanging with friends. You won’t get to the point of high where you start “talking too much”, nor will you fall back into the scenery and become an inanimate object – Instead, look forward to a slightly stoning body high along with a cooling head high.

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If you are looking for a pocket strain that will get you through the day no matter the situation or the mood you’re in, Sour Blueberry will always lighten up and re-energize you with a shot of fruity taste. To the veteran smokers, you’ll know how invaluable a good sour strain is. It quenches your tastebuds of the original thirst and fixes a dry mouth like nothing else as long as a beverage of choice is consumed alongside it. At Bud Cans, you can purchase Sour Blueberry strains knowing that we’ll always have stock for more!

Sour Blueberry

So many Blueberry Strains, Which One is the Best?

If you’ve been doing research on your cannabis strains, you may have come across a large variety of different strains all named after blueberries. It’s no lie that the taste of blueberries is amongst one of the favourite flavours for cannabis enthusiasts. However, trust us when we say, Sour Blueberry is one of the best ones out there. If you like the organic taste of blueberry without the artificial sugary sweetness, the taste of sour is the best companion to that fruity, juicy dankness. Give it a go with one of our sample packs if you aren’t ready for a whole ounce!

Sour Blueberry

Finest Strains Nationwide, Available at Bud Cans

With the amount of dispensaries in Canada offering all types of strains in all types of prices and quantities, it’s hard to find the one to trust. And boy, aren’t we glad that you stumbled across Bud Cans. Here at Bud Cans, we offer the finest cannabis strains in the largest quantities possible. Whether you’re buying for personal consumption or buying marijuana in bulk to share with friends, we’ve got both the quantity to satisfy you and the quality to satisfy you as well. Place your first order today and experience the Bud Cans difference!

Why Choose Sour Blueberry Marijuana Strain

We choose different marijuana strains for many reasons. Sometimes it’s for the taste, sometimes it’s for the name, and other times it’s for the price. Whatever deciding criteria you follow, we’re sure that you will enjoy the strains on Bud Cans. From popular strains such as sour blueberry to not as common ones like Blue Cindy, we have all the strains to satisfy your craving and enough to get you high as a kite for days after days. When placing your order, try to fill your cart with enough strains to meet the $149 threshold, as we’ll offer you free shipping!


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