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A Canadian delicacy, 30 Pinks is a 90/10 hard-hitting Indica with a kick of potency right to the brain. This strain produces strong body and head sensations which can last for hours depending how much you consume. Producing euphoria head-to-toe in less than 30 seconds, this is a strain for the experienced. Try adding an 1/8th of 30 Pinks to your Bud Cans Sampler Pack today.

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30 Pinks is highly potent and highly regarded as one of the best Indica strains throughout West Coast North America. Perfect for night time use, this powerful bud hits both the body and mind with thorough potency but later fades into a smooth body buzz like most heavy Indicas do.

30 Pinks

Why Choose The 30 Pinks Marijuana Strain

There are many factors to consider when it comes to cannabis shopping, especially when browsing online dispensaries. If you’re looking for a true Indica strain which is drenched in trichomes, extremely euphoric and can lock you onto your couch, 30 Pinks is for you. This strain might not be the most used hashtag, but we can guarantee it to be one of the most potent. If you are feeling adventurous with a mix of launching yourself into space, 30 Pinks is a delicacy waiting to be enjoyed.

30 Pinks

Bud Cans Offers The Best Premium Indica Strains

It is our duty to keep up to date and research the newest marijuana strains within the industry. We have done our homework and collaborated with some of the best growers and cultivators in the country. We are proud to present our valued guests with the best indica strains in the Canadian market. 30 Pinks is a potent Indica flower which introduces powerful body-focused effects and couch-locking abilities. Bud Cans offers some of the absolute best Indicas available in the country, all for a very affordable price!

The Best Bud Strains, All In One Place

No longer do online cannabis shoppers have to check from site to site to find marijuana strains they want. All the empty promises of a site carrying a certain strain just to find that it has been sold out has now become a worry of the past. At Bud Cans, we guarantee to always provide the most popular and potent strains to our customers, and to always keep them in stock unless unforeseen circumstances arise (ie. a zombie apocalypse). If you’re looking for the best mail order marijuana online dispensary in Canada, look no further than Bud Cans.

3 reviews for 30 Pinks

  1. John Hamilton

    By far my favorite all-time strain for pain. Suffering from severe chronic pain related to fibromyalgia for over a decade, the most relief I’ve ever found was in this strain. It’s like a super strong ibuprofen with muscle relaxing qualities and inflammation stomping goodness. Highly recommended…

  2. Selfmade2020

    It gives a good couch lock high but not too overwhelming. Like a soft vacuum. I feel a little slow headed but not crippled. Very relaxed and airy high. Lost in thoughts. In the good way.

  3. thebudd

    puts you to sleep like a bag of bricks, gonna buy an oz after trying in sampler

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