Blue Diesel

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A sativa-dominant cannabis strain originating from the indica-dominant Blueberry strain with modifications from NYC Diesel, Blue Diesel emits a gentle, pleasant berry aroma that is smooth, relaxing, and thorough. An optimal daytime strain, this is often the go-to strain for those who enjoy mixing work with a good smoke.

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Blue Diesel is a balanced hybrid strain with slightly more dominance towards indica. It is known to energize the user with a pleasant buzz without being too heavy, and Bud Cans has plenty of it in stock. The high is pleasant and can last from moderate to long hours and is a great choice for a fairly chilled-out daytime smoke. Whether you choose to be in busy downtown district with friends or work while smoking a joint, you may find Blue Diesel to be a very good candidate.

Blue Diesel

Flavours You Won’t Want to Miss Out On

The taste of juicy tropical berries… You won’t want to miss this. Blue Diesel is commonly used as a treatment for those undergoing conditions such as anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, and other chronic conditions. When consumed, Blue Diesel gives its user focus, activates their creativity, and motivates them to take on more and achieve more. For this reason, the strain is commonly used by those who don’t mind working with tasks at hand with just a slight buzz. As long as you can handle the THC, Blue Diesel can easily become your best partner for a weekday smoke.

Blue Diesel

Buying Blue Diesel from Bud Cans

What other place to shop for Blue Diesel other than Bud Cans? No other online dispensary for mail order marijuana offers quantities like these, nor prices like these, nor quality like these, and so on. At Bud Cans, we encourage you to grab a few friends and place orders together, as the larger quantity purchased, the more discount you receive! Whether you’re looking to all buy in on a single ounce of Blue Diesel, or multiple strains at ½ each, Bud Cans delivers the best package all-in-one. Create an account today and start shopping for that perfect strain.

Smoking Weed for Good Health

While there are a few dozens of other activities that you can be doing that’s much healthier than smoking weed, we understand that it’s important to limit the risk to one’s health as much as possible, whenever possible. This is why we strive to provide the highest quality marijuana products to all our valued guests. None of our products are produced with the use of pesticides or unnatural additives. Our organic marijuana bags are quickly becoming a standard in the industry, and while they won’t necessarily help your body flush out toxins, it’ll do a lot less harm than other alternative offerings.

1 review for Blue Diesel

  1. ViceCity89

    Just great all around strain. Diesel is always welcome blueberry adds pleasant psychoactive and body effects. Great all around all day smoke, gives me enough energy to get my shit done.

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