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Although the name of this strain could sound intimidating, MK Ultra is a world-renowned Indica known for its amazing euphoric and cerebral effects. This strain is ideal for nighttime use and is loved by all medical marijuana users for its beneficial aspects. If you’re looking for a strain that will leave you couch-locked watching your favourite show for a few hours, this could be the strain for you. Try an 1/8th with your Bud Cans sampler today.

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MK Ultra is a famous Indica dominant cannabis strain named after Project MK Ultra – the CIA conducted mind manipulating experiments used on civilians and government officials during the 1950s. Don’t worry, our MK Ultra will not manipulate or control you in any way, but will definitely fill your body with euphoria. This flower releases silky smooth smoke and is amazing for medical marijuana users, specifically for stress, anxiety and pain.

MK Ultra

A Powerhouse Strain With A Crazy History

If you haven’t heard about the intense Indica in MK Ultra, this might amaze you. This delicacy was named after the methods of mental manipulation employed by the CIA, but don’t worry, we promise it won’t control you. However, this potent bud will not fail to lock you on a couch and numb your body. Your limbs will feel like liquid the more MK Ultra you indulge upon. This strain is well known for how much of a heavy hitter it is, it’s a flower adored by countless medical marijuana consumers.

MK Ultra

Bud Cans Carries The Highest Quality Indicas On The Market

When it comes to cannabis enthusiasts, everyone has personal preference, and that’s completely okay. One thing both recreational and medicinal bud lovers can agree upon is Indicas, and how amazing they are. We know that experienced cannabis connoisseurs rather lean towards more potent strains, and strains that necessarily hit the throat harder. All of our Bud Cans Indicas are local and come from the top growers and cultivators in the country. These strains are absolutely no strangers to potency and staggering THC levels.

The Best Bud Strains, All In One Place

No longer do online cannabis shoppers have to check from site to site to find marijuana strains they want. All the empty promises of a site carrying a certain strain just to find that it has been sold out has now become a worry of the past. At Bud Cans, we guarantee to always provide the most popular and potent strains to our customers, and to always keep them in stock unless unforeseen circumstances arise (ie. a zombie apocalypse). If you’re looking for the best mail order marijuana online dispensary in Canada, look no further than Bud Cans.

3 reviews for MK Ultra

  1. tragector

    Mind-numbing delicacy. I didn’t know how good this bud was until I sampled it and I am not disappointed! Thanks guys good stuff

  2. KetchupKush

    I love the body High and how it just makes me feel like I’m light as hell 10/10

  3. Catchup1400

    I’ve grown to become a fan of MK Ultra. I use it for chronic pain, arthritis, and anxiety, and it’s become my go-to nighttime strain because of its full body and mind relaxation. A cozy, content, sleepy high. Highly recommend!

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