Violator Kush

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This strain is known as Violator Kush due to its high chance of violating your mobile capabilities. It is a strong indica strain that produces a musty, earthy smell and provides a thorough bodily buzz when used. Upon consumption, users quickly feel more mellowed out and relaxed in whatever situation they’re in.

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The taste and smell of Violator Kush is a delight of its own to those who are in the know. Emitting pungent aromas of spicy and earthy tones, this strain might not be for those who prefer sweeter and milder strains, but will prove perfect to those who love themselves some dank, distinctive weed. Most cannabis enthusiasts either love or hate this strain. With that being said, the amount of love shown to it much outweighs the hate, indicating why Bud Cans have made the effort to source the best Violator Kush strains from the best growers in Canada.

Violator Kush

Showcase Your Unique Style & Taste with Violator Kush

There’s no better way to demonstrate your own personality to your fellow cannabis friends by smoking something that not many people dare experiment. And no, we’re not talking about any unusual substances, but are instead focusing on Violator Kush. As a strain feared by many for its strong, spicy taste and heavy indica influence, Violator Kush is one of the best ways to show that you “know marijuana” without making the statement come off as being too pushy. Of course, your ability to enjoy the strain as well is a prerequisite.

Violator Kush

Buying Violator Kush Online In Canada

Bud Cans offers cannabis enthusiasts one of the best places to purchase marijuana in large quantities. Whether it be Violator Kush or any other popular strain within the Canadian cannabis community, if you have a personal favourite marijuana strain, chances are that Bud Cans will have it available in stock. If you do not find it on our site, keep calm! Feel free to send a message to our customer support specialists – Bud Cans will always do the best to its ability to source it onto the site. We’re always striving to become the #1 online dispensary in Canada for mail order marijuana and are always looking for feedback on how to serve you better!

How to Tell Good Violator Kush from Bad

When ordering marijuana from online dispensaries, it is important to first research the reception and reviews of the provider before placing the order. Forums such as Reddit and CanadianMOM often provide thorough reviews on the product and services of common dispensaries that Canadians shop from. When you receive the cannabis strains, check the size of the flower. Bigger nugs usually guarantee better smoking experience. Also, the overall feel of the nug should not feel dehydrated.

1 review for Violator Kush


    3 hits off a fatty put me in a downward narcotic head spin. like i got slapped up side the head with a fistfull of goofy and silly.

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