Blue Cindy

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As one of the rarer sativa dominant strains available in Canada, Blue Cindy is a crispy tasting strain many connoisseurs vouch for. You’ll be delighted with a citrusy aroma with a sense of heightened focus that’s perfect for social situations – without being overwhelming.

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Blue Cindy is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with a unique, crispy taste, with notes of pineapples and black forest fruits. Upon consumption, the strain emits a citrusy aroma, gradually giving way to natural pine. As a sativa strain, Blue Cindy is the perfect candidate for daytime usage, and are often considered a treat to share with friends. Give Blue Cindy a try today on Bud Cans, where the quality is always top notch and prices are as fair as can be!

Blue Cindy

Why Choose Blue Cindy Over Other Strains

You are probably “in the know” if you pick Blue Cindy over other cannabis strains. For starters, Blue Cindy is a strain that doesn’t stand out all that much amongst competition – the abundance of Purple Kush, Death Bubba, and other common household names often has an edge up on it. Blue Cindy is not particularly strong in THC, CBD, Indica, Sativa, or any single flavour profile. However, it is the rarity of it, the fact that it’s hard to obtain, draws select few veterans toward it. If you find yourself as part of that crowd, the in-hand experience certainly will not disappoint. The hints of citrus aroma paired with distant tones of forest fruits will leave you with the urge for more.

Blue Cindy

For Those Who Love to Smoke in Ounces

Since Blue Cindy is a sativa dominant strain that won’t start a fight with the user’s heart rate, many long time smokers have praised it as their go-to strain for smoking in large quantities, given if they can find enough to do so. Its misfortune of moderate rarity keeps its name from being the constant topic of discussion yet still not rare enough for the books and blogs. However, once you get your hands on it just once, you will want to give it a second try, and then perhaps another after. Blue Cindy’s high is unique and is a rare treat for those who venture out to find it.

Buying Blue Cindy from Bud Cans

Our valued guests shop with us for many reasons, one of which being the quality of the products we carry. Oh, and another reason is with the prices. And a third reason is with the customer service, and the list goes on. When you buy weed online from Bud Cans, whether it’s the Blue Cindy strain or any other strain in any assortment of quantity, trust that your order is processed by hand and carefully examined for quality before packaged and shipped through Canada Xpresspost. Our product specialists carefully pick out and package every order with the best strains, and is the reason why so many marijuana hobbyists nationwide choose us as their designated online dispensary.

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  1. Jeff Capparillo

    Long lasting euphoric high with some psychedelic effects, just what I’m looking for. Probably the most stress-free purchase from an online dispensary to date, consider me a new regular customer!

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