Blackberry Platinum

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Blackberry Platinum is an uncommon indica dominant hybrid strain that packs a punch full of delicious flavour. Humbly boasting a savoury fruity flavour accented by tones of sweet diesel and light spices on each exhale, the strain is a perfect mix between sweet berries and a good, spicy dankness.


Whether you’re a veteran to the cannabis hobby or a newbie looking to start out, Blackberry Platinum could just be the perfect strain for you. Cultivated from one of the most potent indica strains that’s known for putting users literally to sleep, the new and improved version is less powerful and can be enjoyed at a more casual pace. From all the indica dominant hybrid strains in the market, users often pick Blackberry Platinum for its distinct taste of juicy berries without the gravitational drowsiness other blackberry strains may provide. If you’re looking to buy Blackberry Platinum in bulk, Bud Cans has both the quality and the quantity.

Blackberry Platinum

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Just because a strain of weed is affordable doesn’t make it cheap. At Bud Cans, we offer the highest quality cannabis strains to our valued guests at very reasonable and competitive prices, so you can enjoy your marijuana free of stress.

Often, people don’t want to buy ounces of weed at once for reasons such as storage, monetary reasons, or the mere fact that they’ll never be able to finish that much cannabis by themselves. This is why we highly encourage you to shop with a friend, or groups of them, to ensure you get the best deals. The more weed purchased, the more money saved!

Blackberry Platinum

Buying Blackberry Platinum Strain at Bud Cans

Outside the window and under a rock. You’ve looked everywhere for the perfect dispensary to shop your weed from and are almost convinced that such a thing does not exist. Then somehow you stumbled upon our site.

Let’s keep it short and sweet. At Bud Cans, we still bud strains such as Blackberry Platinum and other popular strains in large quantities for low prices. We spend our time sourcing the highest quality marijuana flowers across Canada at enormous quantities so all our customers can pay the cheapest prices possible.

Excellent Feedback: Bud Cans Customer Reviews

Look for customer reviews for Bud Cans. You’ll find nothing but praises for the quality and price. This may sound like self praise but it’s the truth – we’ve tried it ourselves. Then again, most of those who search for us aren’t surprised to find these positive reviews, especially if they’ve shopped with Bud Cans before. Every interaction we have with our valued guests, at every chance we get, is executed to the highest possible standard, at least within reason for an online dispensary. As long as you don’t expect white glove delivery with a driver pushing a Bentley delivering your ¼ ounce of weed, we’re almost certain you’ll be satisfied!

1 review for Blackberry Platinum

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    It’s easy to forget about the stresses of the workday and easily slip into a comfortable relaxation after a few tastes of this dreamy flower. I’m not one to usually buy in bulk but the price was nice as well as reviews, so I gave it a shot! Safe to say this hybrid was worth it, cheers Bud Cans.

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