Chemo Kush

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Chemo Kush is a powerful Indica which is known for its history, rarity and couch-locking effects. Its staggering THC average of 24.5% should be enjoyed cautiously by novice consumers, intense euphoria and a strong body high are guaranteed with this bud. Upon your first toke, you’ll be left with a peppery aftertaste and a woody aroma.


Also known as UBC Chemo, this Canadian-born bud has some history behind it. Birthed by Dr. David Suzuki of the University Of British Columbia, this strain was used in the late 60s and 70s and was initially meant for cancer patients experiencing chemotherapy. With that said, Chemo Kush is an ideal strain for medical cannabis users as it specializes in working against pain, depression, nausea and insomnia. Don’t worry, this resinous flower is perfectly safe to smoke and works like a true Indica.

Chemo Kush

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If you’re looking for something potent and hard-hitting, look no further. Chemo Kush is easily one of the dankest buds we have available and we are certain it won’t disappoint. If you’re a newbie to cannabis or are still experimenting, we recommend enjoying this strain in moderation as the effects can sometimes get quite intense. With that said, we recommend this strain to anyone with decent experience as it’s very unique and has an amazing chemical profile.

Chemo Kush

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3 reviews for Chemo Kush

  1. Lil Baby

    My all time favourite. Not even a debate. Chemo NEVER fails to get me sooo baked.

  2. Jim Storks

    Peppery taste. Buzz is pleasant and smooth. Don’t smoke too much of it, unless you wanna pass out.

  3. buzzS82

    This one should definitely be called “Coma” instead of “Chemo”. Probably one of the most relaxing/sleep inducing strains I’ve had. It’s very mellow, smooth hits, that glue your butt to the couch or bed. Thanks Bud Cans.

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