Crown Royale

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The Crown Royale strain is an indica-dominant hybrid derived from a blend of Blueberry and Purple Kush. The strain emits a fruity aroma when lit up and is very vibrant in smell and taste. Unlike many other strains, Crown Royale usually takes a bit of time to kick in, potentially catching users off-guard.


Crown Royal is a primarily indica hybrid that emits a colourful and fruity taste upon consumption. The strain is tasty and very potent and is recommended for night-time use. The influence of blueberry is very notable as Crown Royale emits a wonderful tarty, fruity aroma when lit up. There’s also a pleasant floral, herbal character that brightens up these tart scents. If you are looking for a strain that isn’t all that mainstream but has planet character of its own, give Crown Royale a try today.

Crown Royale

Why Choose Crown Royale Marijuana Strain

A connoisseur’s choice with more indica than sativa, Crown Royale will not get you super baked and incomprehensive to information, but just enough to feel a relaxing high that eases your muscles and calms stress levels. Regardless how much of it you smoke, unless it’s going way beyond your tolerance, Crown Royale is one of the most unlikely strains to “green out” with.

While all the above sounds like just the dream strain for the average newbie, many veterans still prefer this strain as it meets their desires to constantly smoke on something throughout the day.

Crown Royale

Indica versus Sativa – Why Not Choose Both?

If you are new to the hobby of cannabis, here is a quick guide of the nature of strains. A select cannabis strain can be one of two, or a mixture of both. Think of it as fire and ice. Polar opposites of each other but the two can occasionally merge to become one. Indica strains relaxes the user’s mind and drifts their consciousness away from their body, figuratively. On the other hand, sativa strains are great for social occasions, focusing your mind and motivating you to go out and do more. Crown Royale leans towards the indica side of the scale, providing you a thorough, relaxing high.

How Much Crown Royale Should I Smoke?

With every strain comes different strengths in terms of potency and effects to your mind and body. Some strains you can have a lot of and only feel a tiny buzz of high, while others will nail you straight to the ground with just two puffs. Since Crown Royale is a potent indica-dominant strain, you really can’t have too much of it as long as you don’t go over your personal limit. The high with Crown Royale is consistent and will not catch you off guard as long as you know your limit and play within it.

2 reviews for Crown Royale

  1. Sourpuss

    As a huge kush fan, I love this strain! Does everything I want it to do and smells lovely + tastes great! Whenever I can I buy as much as possible. Amazing strain for anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, depression, sleep and PAIN. TOP NOTCH, maybe my very favorite lol.

  2. BustedBuds

    Can definitely say I love this strain more than the alcohol lol. Beautiful looking bud, sweet and piney flavours and fat white smoke. Decided to buy in bulk from Bud Cans and did not expect such a smooth process from an online dispensary, thanks guys!

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