Girl Scout Cookies

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Known for offering users a flavourful, euphoric experience, Girl Scout Cookies boasts a very impressive 28% high THC content and have won several cannabis awards for its amazing potency and taste. Upon consumption, the high kicks in very quickly, gluing you to your chair while you occupy yourself with questions regarding space and time.


Although the Girl Scout Cookies strain has been available for some time now, if you are new to the hobby of marijuana or are used to more old-school strains, you might be surprised by a strain of this name. Normally, if a strain sounds overly artificial (ie. Fruit by the Foot), it is easy to assume that it is processed with lots of unnatural additives. However, this is not the case with Girl Scout Cookies. Crossed between OG Kush and Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies offers a very unique blend of flavour and taste that must be personally experienced before judgment can be accurately made.

Girl Scout Cookies

Why You Should Try Girl Scout Cookies

Its amazing taste aside, there are various reasons why you should give Girl Scout Cookies a try, even if you are just slightly into the hobby of marijuana. For one, Girl Scout Cookies are very effective in alleviating negative chronic conditions such as depression and anxiety. It is also very effective in helping increase appetite to those who find eating difficult for whatever reason. Furthermore, when smoking this strain, users often report feelings of happiness and ease, succeeded by a deep relaxation as a direct result of the strain. Try Girl Scout Cookies today!

Girl Scout Cookies

How Much Marijuana Is Too Much?

In our books, no marijuana is ever too much. However, that might be influenced by our duty of always maintaining a healthy inventory for our valued guests to browse and purchase. In terms of our customers, it all depends on your tolerance. Some strains can get you higher in a shorter amount of time than other strains in the market. We recommend you to try a few of the most popular strains to get a thorough understanding of what effects each type of weed has on you. Bud Cans now offers sampler packs so you can try four ⅛ of whatever strain tickles your fancy the most!

Best Marijuana Prices In Canada

We aren’t kidding when we say our 1 ounce prices are literally unbeatable given the quality of strains we offer to our guests. Our AAA strains are true to its name – you will not be able to find any seeds or stems in our AAA products as all our cannabis nugs are harvested by hand and carefully selected to match the standards of our quality control team. The bud burns smoothly and the smoke is as flavourful and organic as ever, as if it was just freshly harvested from the cannabis plant. Try it out for yourself today by placing an order on any of the strains on our site!

2 reviews for Girl Scout Cookies

  1. PlantifulBud

    Crazy good strain for relaxation and that top notch euphoric sensation. This is one of those strains that I have puffed on countless occasions, it’s a classic for me at this point. Saying that, I hadn’t had a sweet hit of this hybrid in an eternity so you know I had to buy in bulk online. (Thanks corona)

  2. DanJAX

    Very nice euphoric happy feeling. I felt focused but was also more lazy, not necessarily sleepy. No anxiety with this one. Feeling carefree and uplifted. Thanks BC!

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