God’s Grand Double Purple

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God’s Grand Double Purple is a indica-dominant hybrid strain that is favoured by many for activities involving zoning out or taking a nap. While its potency won’t put you to bed immediately, the dankness of this strain will have you drowsy and gently lull you towards a calm slumber.


Who would have thought that crossing God’s strain with Grand Daddy Purple would make God’s Grand Double Purple? Thankfully, its breeders have put much more effort into the actual strain itself than the naming of it. God’s Grand Daddy Purple is highly potent and highly regarded as one of the best indica strains throughout West Coast North America. Perfect for night time use, God’s Grand Daddy Purple hits both the body and mind with thorough potency but quickly fades into a smooth body buzz like most heavy Indicas do.

God’s Grand Double Purple

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God’s Grand Double Purple

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1 review for God’s Grand Double Purple

  1. Laura R

    This strain delivers such a buzzing and euphoric high! Grand Double Purple is easily one of my favourite indicas and couldn’t resist grabbing an ounce from Bud Cans. I can confirm that it was worth the purchase lol, super discreet and quick shipping, love it!

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