Wedding Cake

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Also known by the name of “Pink Cookies”, the Wedding Cake strain is a sweet tangy strain that emits rich bursts of pleasant aroma upon being consumed. As an extremely potent strain with high THC content, Wedding Cake is commonly enjoyed in chilled out situations either with friends or by oneself.


One of the tastiest hybrid strains with a wholesome amount of THC, Wedding Cake is certainly a delight of a bud strain to try, especially for those who smoke not just for the high but for the flavour as well. Dive into a joint packed full of Wedding Cake and discover why the strain is so popular amongst cannabis enthusiasts from all across the world. It’s almost like eating a wedding cake, except without all the other bad stuff. It’s a win-win situation! Browse popular cannabis strains on Bud Cans today, and enjoy additional savings on larger orders!

Wedding Cake

Why You Should Try Wedding Cake from Bud Cans

If you’re ever looking for a strain that is equally as tasty as it is capable of getting you high, Wedding cake is one of your best choices. Boasting a hard-to-beat proposition of taste and potency, this flavourful strain will prove infinitely delightful to your taste buds, especially if you were previously accustomed to smoking basic strains without any definitive taste. Additionally, when you shop at Bud Cans, the quality of the strains are always guaranteed to be AAA or higher, providing you with the most holistic experience possible for the strain of your choosing.

Wedding Cake

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Buying marijuana online has its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, it’s highly likely that your go-to online dispensary will have all the strains you could ever ask for, so there will always be stock for whatever you need. On the other hand, however, one major disadvantage is the shipping prices are often very high compared to buying from local dispensaries. To make the process easier for our valued guests, Bud Cans has introduced an easy initiative for you to save on shipping! Enjoy free nationwide shipping on all orders above $149.

The Best Bud Strains, All In One Place

No longer do online cannabis shoppers have to check from site to site to find marijuana strains they want. All the empty promises of a site carrying a certain strain just to find that it has been sold out has now become a worry of the past. At Bud Cans, we guarantee to always provide the most popular and potent strains to our customers, and to always keep them in stock unless unforeseen circumstances arise (ie. a zombie apocalypse). If you’re looking for the best mail order marijuana online dispensary in Canada, look no further than Bud Cans.

2 reviews for Wedding Cake

  1. Sarah C

    One of the best strains that I’ve had as of recently. If you want to be relaxed to the max go for this one. I did have a boost of wanting to be creative. Good for night time as well.

  2. BigToned5000

    A very good strain, it takes a little bit to hit and creeps up on you. Once it hits, be prepared for maximum relaxation with happy effects. The flower tasted and looked amazing, little dense light green buds. Tasted very citrus-like with a hint of pepper which made for a great smoke. Buying in bulk is recommended BTW!

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