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One of the most frustrating occurrences of the regular cannabis lover is to see their joint burn unevenly, or “canoe.” It is a sad sight when you watch the masterpiece you created burn improperly. When your joint canoes there is always the fear of the cherry falling off and losing a good amount of weed along with it. To add, there are many weed enthusiasts who aren’t very knowledgeable about these tips and tricks. For this reason, our Bud Cans team has created the best guide on how to get an ideal light every time. With a perfectly lit joint, you get to enjoy more marijuana and a much smoother smoke.

Patience Is Key

The most important factor in lighting joints is to take your time and be patient. It is important to light the joint with care and not rush it towards your lips. As an example, take a look at cigarette smokers. Lighting a cigar is a delicate, and gradual process that ensures a delicious, relaxing smoke; the same care should be included when lighting a joint.

Leave The Tip On

It’s common for most cannabis consumers to twist the extra paper on the end of a joint to create a slightly pointed tip. While smokers often debate whether this is the right thing to do, there is one truth behind specialized tips. The rolled tip assists in creating a paper overlap. This overlapping paper burns at a slower rate and offers you more time to ensure that your joint is lit and burning properly.

How To Hold And Spark The Joint

We recommend to never light the joint in your mouth. This makes it difficult to see what’s happening on the other side and often leads to an uneven burn. Instead, hold your doobie between your thumb and index finger and, with your other hand, apply a gentle flame to the tip.
As you’re applying heat to the tip, slowly rotate the joint by rolling it in a circular motion. By doing this, you light the entire tip of the joint which results in a big cherry and a moderate burn.

Rotate your joint while holding the flame.

You don’t actually have to touch the tip of the joint with the flame to get a great burn. Instead, you can also hold the flame a few centimetres from the end of your joint. The tip will still light, but it’ll be a much slower process and give you even more time to establish a consistent burn.

Never Inhale While Lighting

A beginner smoker mistake is to begin pulling on their joint while lighting it, something that cigarette smokers do when lighting up. Inhaling the joint while sparking it will increase the flame damage and almost always cause an uneven burn. As mentioned before, trying to light a joint while it’s in your mouth makes it difficult to know what’s going on at the tip.

Properly lighting a joint is only half of the job leading to an amazing smoking experience. Once you master this lighting tactic, the only thing between you and an ideal smoke session is the strain you’ll use. With a poorly lit joint, tokes are not as smooth and there is the possibility of losing the cherry. Once you master the skill, you’ll be able to impress your smoking companions no matter where you decide to spark up.

Our Bud Cans experts are proud to offer our customers with the highest quality strains all year round. If you have any questions about lighting joints or generic inquiries about our products, feel free to contact our Customer Support Specialists. We’re always happy to help!

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