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Is there such thing as a perfect marijuana strain? While the question is subjective to the person answering, there are few strains that come very close to holding that title. Violator Kush is undoubtedly one of them, but for its own unique reasons.

Is it the taste? The aroma? Or the effects? Maybe it’s all 3 of them. Or, perhaps none of them; perhaps it’s just a solid strain, consistent across all 3 dimensions without raising any eyebrows, yet rarely yielding any lemons. You might want to draw the comparison between Violator Kush to pizza pops in the world of home-made meals – you just can’t mess it up.

Why Violator Kush is the Best Strain to Purchase Online

Lately, there has been a lot of chatter on which strains are the best to purchase when buying weed online. Shopping in person at a local dispensary allows you to see, feel, and smell the nugs, while online dispensaries may play dress-up with their images like a 20-year old’s Tinder profile picture. God forbid she’s got her friends in it too.

This is where Violator Kush comes in. As a well-balanced hybrid slightly heavier on the Indica side, the strain is fairly stacked in every aspect in terms of flavour and THC:CBD content, making it one of the safest choices when buying weed from an online dispensary you’re yet too familiar with. It also offers a consistent flavour profile of spicy, earthy tones that tastes woody when inhaled. Versatile in its effect, Violator Kush relaxes the user without sending them into outer space, given you play within your limits.

Violator Kush: A Highly Potent Strain

Don’t let its “just average” description fool you of its potency. Violator Kush packs an above-average amount of THC that have been measured at up to 24%. This is definitely a strain that will get you high and keep you high, inducing you into a wave of pleasant relaxation while still being able to retain most aspects of social skills.

Additional to its THC levels, the strain also scores impressively in its CBD levels. Violator Kush yields an approximate 1.5% CBD, making it the runner up for a lot of medical cannabis users right next to the Charlotte’s Web strain.

The Effects of Violator Kush

Sedative, yet calming, the effects of Violator Kush can be best described as mellow. A good amount of it will relax the user’s body, putting them in a slight daze. After a few minutes, the effects will start to intensify, adding a pinch of laziness to the user’s mind but still not inhibiting social functions. You may even feel more creative than usual. About ~10 minutes in, you’ll start feeling “pleased”, happy at any stimuli’s that come your way.

With that said, the strain may not be the best for new users due to its powerful THC effects. Unless you are very good at portioning your THC intake, the strain is more advised for intermediate to veteran users. Though, if you’re a fan of the feeling of having too much wasabi with your sushi, you can make the same effect happen in your brain instead of mouth with just a few 20’s and some change.

Buying Violator Kush Online

With everything about the strain out of the way, let’s now discuss how to best purchase the strain online. While we’ve introduced Violator Kush as a ultra-safe strain, shoppers are still advised to watch out for things such as the obvious usages of PGR in flowers, shady websites with non-secured payment methods, and poor customer support services.

Oh, and we just so happen to be a carrier of the Violator Kush strain as well. If you’re new to shopping with us, now may be the perfect opportunity to place your first order on Bud Cans. It’s fine if you want to shop around first though. We’ll be okay.

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