Bud Cans Canadian Weed

The Dopest Strains in Canada

Original Bud Cans are weed strains that are sold in 1oz or 1/2oz of cans. When buying weed online it’s tough to find that quality green, with so many suppliers selling bunk. With Bud Cans, we only sell the most fire dope, medicinal, kush, and triple A’s. Just the dankest, skunkiest bud you’ll ever smoke. One order will be all it takes to be hooked on our proudly Canadian product. When it comes to the best bang for your buck, you’ve found it. Our quality continues to be unmatched and we’ve the leader in exotic strains.

Original Bud Cans

Shop the Best 1oz Weed Strains Online

All strains for Shake Bags provided by Bud Cans are available in either 1oz, 1/2oz, or 1/8oz. Bud Cans have a variety of the most effective and exciting buds to purchase compared to alternate online dispensaries. Now that marijuana in Canada is completely legal, our Shake Bags and ounces make buying marijuana online easier than ever access and purchase. 

It is sometimes difficult to shop online for weed as quality can vary with who you purchase from. Bud Cans is able to deliver the highest quality bundles of weed right to your doorstep, however many times you desire it!

Original Bud Cans

The Best Choice if You’re Shopping for Value Weed

Many bud lovers enjoy purchasing from online dispensaries for value. If you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place! Bud Cans is the perfect dispensary in that it’s both priced affordably for our customers and also offers the highest quality greens that you’ll find nationwide! Our Canadian grown product comes with a guarantee on its quality and cannot be beat! Depending on what you wish to purchase and the quantity of, you may want to consider our Bud Cans Sampler packs. Start by adding four separate ⅛’s to your cart and proceed to checkout. It’s an amazing bargain for experiencing all the strains you could possibly wish for.

The New Way to Buy Weed

Pick your favourite strains, select the quantity, then place your order. If you’re undecided or want to try no strains without committing to a larger order, try out our Bud Cans Sampler pack. Simply check out with four ⅛’s in your cart and the Sampler Price will be automatically applied. It’s a great deal, and a chance for you to try all the strains you want.