Bud Cans Sampler Tin 2

The New Way to Buy Weed

Bud Can Samplers are mix-and-match of four ⅛ oz samplers. It’s a great way of trying different strains without buying a full ounce. A pack of samplers is a flat rate of $120, which is cheaper than buying a half ounce of one strain. No matter which strains you choose, it’s all the same to us! Mix and match Indicas, Sativas and Hybrids to your liking.

Sampler Perk #1

Commitment Issues?

Our samplers are perfect for those that can’t commit to an ounce, or want to try different strains. Whether you’re just starting out hooting the ganja, or are a four star general, find the strain that gives you that perfect high!

Sampler Perk #2

Stretch That Dollar

Since we’re pro when it comes to growing the dopest, skunkiest bud, our value and quality can’t be beat. If you’re looking to buy weed online, we’ve been a trusted source of the best weed to hundreds of pot lovers across Canada.

Sampler Perk #3

Get What You Want

Once you find the strains you want, add four of your chosen ⅛ samplers to your cart. After they’ve been added, head to checkout and place your order. You’ll notice that your sampler discount will be automatically applied!

Bud Cans Samplers

How Do Bud Can Samplers Work?

Bud Cans Samplers allows you to mix and match strains by picking four separate ⅛’s , ending with a half-ounce at checkout. No strain is excluded from this deal, giving you full control to get creative with your choices! This is the perfect option if you are either a newbie looking to find what you like, or are a seasoned connoisseur researching for new strains. To get started, simply visit the build your sampler page and add your favourite strains to cart. Then, check out with four separate ⅛’s and the Sampler Pack discount will be applied automatically.

Bud Cans Samplers

Single Strain Portions, Triple A Quality.

Just because you’re getting your favourite strains in 1/8ths doesn’t mean the quality is any different! Not everyone is a fan of purchasing weed in ounces, and if you are like us who like to do things in baby steps, our Bud Cans Samplers may just be the thing for you! Weed can be costly and people don’t want to waste their money on strains they dislike. Bud Cans make buying weed online much easier, providing you with only the best quality strains.

Experience Bud Cans Samplers

Tired of price shopping on multiple dispensaries just to find the cheapest prices on 1/8ths? Now you can get it all here at Bud Cans, where we offer the most competitive pricing on any strains at any quantity. Plus, each batch of marijuana is tested for quality upon receiving from the supplier, then examined again for quality as an order is placed. This grants our customers the freedom of combining whichever strains they want, knowing that they’ll be getting the best of each flavour. Find your new favourite bud with our Bud Cans Samplers today.